About Steve Shillingford

Founder and CEO of Anonyome Labs, a consumer privacy company and maker of apps including MySudo.

Speaker at conferences, panels and events around the world, including Collision 2018 and the upcoming TEDxSaltLakeCity conference.

Featured by CNN, Fox News, The Huffington Post, TechCrunch, Digital Trends

Potential Speaking Topics

  • Privacy – As a reformed data miner, I possess insider knowledge of the extent to which Americans' privacy and security are routinely compromised by hackers, companies and governments. I've also developed a 'toolkit' of apps, services and techniques to reclaim my own privacy and control over my digital identity. 
  • Security – An expert in consumer cybersecurity, enterprise-level security systems, and government threat protection, I can speak to the technologies and methods employed to protect data in the digital world .
  • Tech – I've worked with some incredible patented technologies over the years and always enjoy speaking about the role technology plays in our lives and how continues to shape our future, not only as a society but as individuals.
  • Decentralization – By allowing information to be distributed, transparent, and immutable, decentralized technologies like the Blockchain are changing how we transact, not just financially, but with virtually anything of value. 
  • Entrepreneurship / Startup Advising – A former data miner who's come over from the "dark side," I'm hell-bent on making amends for past acts. I'm giving everything I've got to Anonyome Labs, the consumer privacy start-up I founded, and am happy to speak about the lesson learned along the way.
  • South Park –  I'm kind of a fan. :) 

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